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FX Demo
(Pro) version, Perspective 1 FX
Written by Matt Alexander
Tribute to MJ
(Pro) version, Perspective 2
Written by Matt Alexander
Never Ending Circle
(Pro) version, Perspective 1
Written by Matt Alexander

The Hohner White Baby Grand Piano (Pro) contains an additional mic perspective. With 16 velocity layers of mic perspective 1, and 9 velocity layers of perspective 2, along with piano effects in both perspectives, this grand piano sample library has more versatility and depth than the (basic) package. Totaling just over 16GB of data (7GB download), the Pro version contains more than 4400 unique samples.

Due to the nature of the tones produced, it is very easy for a grand piano sample library to tend towards having a perfect and sterile sound. In essence, although each individual note sounds perfect, when played as a whole, grand piano samples can sound generic and artificial. The Hohner Baby Grand offers a raw, distinctive sound suited to records where a real grand isn't available.

Microphone perspective 1 was recorded 2 inches from the sound-board, for a "larger-than-life" sound, and perspective 2 was recorded directly inside the instrument, for a cleaner and honest "up-front" sound. It is highly useful to have more than 1 microphone perspective, not only to use the sound of your choice, but in order to help equip the sound for integration with tracks. For the ultimate in versatility, with even more velocity layers and a mic perspectives, click here to view the White Baby Grand (complete). For a comparison between all versions of the White Baby Grand, please click here.

Formats Available:
- PC (VST)
- Mac (AU, VST)
- EXS24
- Kontakt*

To listen to more demos, click here.

Number of Samples
Perspective 1
Perspective 2
Perspective 3
White Baby Grand (Pro)
16 layers
9 layers

Included in the Hohner White Baby Grand (Pro) package, you will find the following instruments:
Mic Perspective 1 (2 inches from the soundboard, for a larger-than-life sound):
White Baby Grand Piano P1 16: (16 layer baby grand piano with perspective 1)
White Fantasy Grand: (low-velocity dark samples only)
White Baby Grand FX P1: (piano performance effects, pedal sounds, lid open and close, direct string glissandos at perspective 1)

Mic Perspective 2 (close-miked near the strings, for a cleaner "up-front" sound):
White Baby Grand Piano P2 09: (9 layer baby grand piano with perspective 2)
White Baby Grand FX P2: (piano performance effects, pedal sounds, lid open and close, direct string glissandos at perspective 2)

*NB: You cannot use Kontakt Player with this library. Please use Full Retail Kontakt 4 or higher, or EXS24, or use the included PC & Mac (VST / AU) version.

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