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Record producers of acoustic genres often don't have the option to record live musicians. As such, they require realistic sounding sample libraries. There are many sample libraries and brands that offer huge sample libraries, with all the best takes. However, when comparing a real studio recording to a their sampled tracks, there is just no debate; it is extremely difficult to achieve a "real" sounding sampled track. Reason: The samples are too perfect. Even in the top recording studios, each live musician fills each note with minor performance individualities and subtle nuances that although unintended, are a part of live recording.

For example, would you expect a clarinet to sound perfect on every note during a performance, or would you expect possibly a subtle change in timbre at the start of or end of some of the notes, and perhaps some of the notes don't sound perfect? The answer is of course, the latter.

The human brain is very sensitive when it comes to discerning the difference between a fake and a real recording, because of the human performance elements. Many sample libraries work so hard to achieve a "perfect" set of samples with all the best takes, that they are losing the very element that makes the samples sound desirable and musical.

After years of searching for imperfect samples, Matt Alexander set out to create imperfect sample libraries to use with his work:

Imperfect Samples was born.

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