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How To Optimize Your System for Sample Playback

It's always a good idea to keep your system optimized, particularly if you're planning to use it for any sample libraries or music production. If you're experiencing performance issues, below are a set of suggestions to optimize your system for sample playback.

If you have any difficulty following these instructions, please email info [at] imperfectsamples [dot] com

1. Restart Your Computer. This simple step can often fix performance issues.

2. Ensure that the HD containing your samples is a fast 7200rpm new drive. (e.g. Western Digital Caviar Black)

3. Keep your samples on a separate physical HD from your operating system. This will dramatically speed up access time.

4. Try to make sure all your hard drives have 1/3 free space at all times. This increases speed, HD life, and reliability.

5. If you're using a Mac, keep your OS up to date with the latest version. Newer versions of Mac OS X often have faster performance: for example, OS X 10.6 is dramatically faster than 10.5.

6. Run Scandisk. (If you're using a Mac, run disk utility and click 'repair permissions'. Do this a few times.)

7. If you're using Logic EXS24 and after all the above you're still having performance issues, try uninstalling Logic, restart your Mac, and re-install Logic. This has been known to fix random issues with Logic's performance. NB: Be aware that by taking this step, you may need to re-install all of your 3rd party plugins also.

8. If all else fails, send us a midi file with mp3 along with your system specs (CPU, RAM, OS, DAW, HDs), and we will do our best to help. We may also be able to create custom system-optimized instruments for you.

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