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Suggested uses for the Steinway Walnut Concert Grand sample library:

Microphone Perspective
Recording Position
Sound Character
Suggested Situations
Mic Perspective 1 Player's position Moody, natural sound Highly suitable for piano solo work, or classical music.
Mic Perspective 2 Close to the strings Cleaner, tighter sound Highly suitable for pop music., and similar genres
Mic Perspective 3 Far from the piano, in the room Reverberant sound Excellent for orchestral, film, or jazz.
Mic Perspective 4 Pickups underneath the piano Dry sound Suitable for alternative rock, electronic music , or situations
where the piano is required to cut through a dense mix.

Music is becoming increasingly diverse, and while genres are crossing over, music producers are using more varied sounds in mix spaces. The above are only suggestions, as there is no tool more important than the human ear. If a piano mic perspective "sounds right" to fresh ears in a mix, then it probably is right.

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