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IS Advanced Engine (Kontakt Users Only)

The IS Advanced Engine is a rich Kontakt user interface with imperfect performance features:
  • Human FX randomizer options
  • Advanced Sympathetic Resonance Controls:
    Optional Imperfectly Sampled Sympathetic Resonance
    Optional Perfect Generated Sympathetic Resonance
    Resonance Volume Control
    Resonance Polyphony Control
  • Half-Pedalling
  • On-the-fly Sample Loading
  • Microphone Perspective Mixing
  • Custom Velocity Mapping
  • Half-Pedalling
  • Optional Round Robin
  • Pedal FX Controls
  • Human FX Controls
  • FX Randomizer Controls
The IS Engine is available for full retail Kontakt users only, and is included with some imperfect samples products.

Please note that features may vary slightly depending on your chosen sampled product.

Although the EXS and ISP do not support this engine, all instruments have been tailored for optimal and powerful use within their format, and sound extremely similar. The demos features on this website have been created using EXS24, ISP or Kontakt, with no bias towards any one format.

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